1161 Route 243 Melbourne, Quebec, Canada J0B 2B0

important note

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic – all planned activities for this season are either cancelled or postponed until further notice for public health safety reasons.

Dear Friends of RCHS,

In the absence of our ability to hold our usual events and open the museum, we are pleased to offer you, through the generosity of local filmmaker Louise Abbott, the following free films.
The Ahiarmiut: Out-of-the-Way Dwellers
Driving into the Past (English Version) (This has proved to be the most popular version.)
Driving into the Past / Un voyage dans le passé (Bilingual Version)
Niels Jensen, Cabinetmaker
Nunaaluk: A Forgotten Story

If anyone would like to buy a DVD or Blu-ray of any of these films, Ms. Abbott can provide one.
Louise Abbott, writer, photographer, filmmaker
www.ruralroutecommunications.com / 819-876-5914
www.studiogeorgeville.com / 819-843-9992


In 1967, the Richmond County Historical Society acquired the building for one dollar at 1296 Route 243, Melbourne Township, Quebec from Mr. Newlands Coburn, a nephew of the renowned artist Frederick Simpson Coburn. This building, dating back to approximately 1880, served as the Society’s museum until the end of May, 2015.


The Time Vault Tree was created by J.-M. Tétreault to mark the 50th anniversary of the Richmond County Historical Society in a meaningful way, a time vault was constructed near Melbourne Township Town Hall. This concrete underground structure was built to hold up to 150 time capsules.


The society maintains an archive with historical papers and documents of particular interest to Richmond County. These documents include paper records (letters, diaries, journals and other unpublished written materials); photographs and other visual records; maps, plans and architectural records; sound recordings and oral history tapes; printed material (eg. local newspapers, books), electronically stored data and the records of the Richmond County Historical Society.

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I had an absolutely FABULOUS time Here! Thanks

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